Protest against Court Corruption in Bulgaria

A horrible case protest against court corruption happened in Bulgaria. A local businessman, stated himself victim of a corrupted court case for money-laundering decided to protest the court dicision by self-dismembering. He cut in open one finger and claimed that it would go on until court starts to proclaim justice in Bulgaria, not to work upon corruption and illegal principles.

This is the protesting businessman words before he commited act of self-dismembering:
“It’s horrible to see that a man decides to set himself on fire. But twice horrible are the acts that gang of criminals, proclaiming themselves politicians and tycoons commit on Bulgarian state and population. Horryfying is …. self-burning – a man to set himself on fire is unbelievable. This really break our hearts and breaks souls and moral. However it is strange that nevertheless we all know where is the origin of this, we could do nothing to stop it …. and the origin in the corruption all over the state system … Poverty and mysery origins from corruption. Anyhow, there is still lack of resistance against genocyde towards Bulgarian nation. Bulgarians are still led by party, ethnic and all other principles but not oppose the 20-years genocide towards us. Thus we do not pay attention to ones guilty for our disasters. I know tha protests are too many now and people do not consider them seriously in their different forms. Even peopel that set themselves on fire are not interesting any more. I assume that what I would do for emphasizing my words also will be just a line in the press. But I am firm on doing it for my words against court corruption in Bulgaria to be audible. And now I will stand-up, go to the bath-room and will cut myself a finger. I do this myself, not after drinking alchohol or any drugs. The court corruption that I and my nation eye-witness every day is the reason for act of cutting myself.”

This businessman- Mr. Zartov – was proclaimed quilty by the court after his Russian business-partner submitted a claim that due to his ”bad management” the Russian businessman has potential loss of 3 milion Bulgarian leva (around 1.5 milion EURO).

The truth is over there … but where?


Case study in real time: Corruption Practices at Bulgarian Judiciary System (Administrative and Court)

EUCoins3Today I start an observation of the proceedings, related to a real court case, that is allocated to an infringement with EU funds in Bulgaria.

The case was to be resolved administratively. Such decision would lead to lower financial impact to the EU funded project and Beneficiary. However Bulgarian Ministry of Justice’s subsidiary (that is Beneficiary to Corrupted EU funded Project) choose not to resolve the problem that way. The MoJ Subsidiary choose not to react. The deny for act is a case of postponing procedure administratively, for elapsing due terms and thus – hiding corruption practices.

Further to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) deny for administrative solution, the parties, affected from corruption acts send the case to the court in January 2013.

The case was registered at court around January, 20th and here I will comment further all courts actions for the case, and thus – analyzing whether corruption practices evidences could be detected through court’s action.

I assume for the case study analysis that corruption practices at court could be detected through:

– slow procedures

– deny of all claims review

– strange and partial judge’s decisions

-elapses, lack of documents, partial files, etc

If such cases are detected in that case I will make whistle-blow.

Now – first step is waiting for a month from the Accused Side to provide their written defense against claim.